Seamless Panties Packs

We are certain that one of our seamless panties packs will meet your every desire. Need to stock up on one style, or try them all! Our seamless panties packs got you covered.

When it comes to absolute ‘musts’ in the world of panties, for the team here at EBY it’s always been about achieving the ultimate seamless look. What you wear under your clothes is nobody's business but yours (and) rocking a seamless thong or seamless briefs ensures that nothing is seen that you don’t want seen!

Whether you lean towards a cheeky animal print or you prefer your undies to have a more neutral pattern, our collection offers something for any woman marching to the beat of her own drum. Seamless bikini panties should be a staple of every panty drawer, because lengthening your legs is always in style.

The highest quality seamless underwear offered in a size inclusive collection is what you will find here at EBY. We are certain that one of our seamless panties packs will ticks all of your boxes. Our inclusive ethos extends to our manufacturing process. We say no to sweatshops and fast fashion and we are committed to women’s empowerment through our micro-loans program. 10% of proceeds for every panty sold goes to empower women into business and out of poverty.

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