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High Waisted Panties

Black Highwaisted
EBY Seamless Fading Leopard High Waisted Panties
Rich Mocha Highwaisted
Mauvewood Highwaisted
Ombre Dot Highwaisted
Vibrant Plum Highwaisted
White Highwaisted
Cheetah Texture Highwaisted
EBY Seamless Nude High Waisted Panties
Nude Highwaisted

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Giraffe Highwaisted
Wild Life Highwaisted

EBY high waisted underwear is literally going to boost your self-confidence. A high waisted panty is the perfect combination of sexiness and practicality. You get to feel glamorous all the while enjoying underwear that gives full coverage. And the best part? No pants required.

If you’re looking for a little more support in your undergarments, then this seamless panty design ticks all of the right boxes. Our high waisted panty has a form fitting waistband that sits at your natural waist and gives a little extra support, especially during that time of the month. It also comes in a ton of prints and colors like exotic botanical, banana palm, and striking fjord blue!

Feel even better about your beautiful and comfortable underwear knowing you are supporting sisterhood around the world thanks to EBY’s commitment to ethical manufacturing plants instead of sweatshops, and providing micro-loans to impoverished women who want to work their way to a better life.

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