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Women & Children
Out Of Poverty

Microfinance provides small loans to individuals who lack access to traditional financing services. EBY funds microfinance loans for women all around the world, enabling them to start their own businesses and break the cycle of poverty.

Why Microfinance?

Microfinance is the strongest poverty alleviation tool today. It starts with
a small loan, also known as a “first break.” These loans can amount to as little as $70 USD, but they make it possible for a woman without access to traditional banking or financial services to start or grow her own business.

With this loan, she becomes self-sufficient and breaks the cycle of poverty for herself and her children. Microfinance has a 97% repayment rate globally. When she pays back her loan, the same funds are then passed on to another woman in her community. The cycle continues, consistently building financial sustainability for women and their families, on repeat.

EBY consistently fuels this cycle, creating more first breaks, more independent women, and more thriving communities all over the world.



COUNTRY: Colombia
BUSINESS: Cosmetics
LOAN: $70



BUSINESS: Community Drug Store
LOAN: $230



COUNTRY: Nicaragua
BUSINESS: Woodworking
LOAN: $150



COUNTRY: Colombia
BUSINESS: Food Stand
LOAN: $72

Why Underwear?

Panties are essential, feminine, and intimate. They’re part of your daily routine. You step into them every day, repeatedly and frequently.

Women’s empowerment is essential too, in every society and economy. It isn’t easy, but women have to show up for each other every day, lift each other up repeatedly and frequently. With EBY, underwear & empowerment are the ultimate pair.

This is what it looks like when
you put your power on repeat

Impact On Repeat

It starts with one (seamless panty.) Ten percent of every purchase funds small loans for women around the world. She uses this loan to start her own business, lift up her community, and break the cycle of poverty for her children.

She pays back the loan, and it goes to another woman in her town. That woman uses this loan to start her own business, lift up her community, and break the cycle of poverty for her children . . .

Your impact continues to grow and multiply over time. From one woman
to the next — on repeat. It never stops, and neither do we.

Your choices have power / Put them on repeat

See how our impact grows
year over year, on repeat


5,870 Women & Children
Impacted by 2021

  2019   2020   2021

368 Women & Children
Impacted by 2021

  2019   2020   2021

1,488 Women & Children
Impacted by 2021

  2019   2020   2021

4,000 Women & Children
Impacted by 2021

  2019   2020   2021

760 Women & Children
Impacted by 2021

  2020   2021
Adding 3 Countries in 2021

12,239 More Women & Children
Impacted by 2021

Women & Children Impacted
by the End of 2021

And all you had to do
was put on a panty


Where we’re headed

Women & Children Impacted
by 2027

How Does Microfinance Work?



Every time you buy our undies, we turn your purchase into a business loan for women through the Seen Bar Foundation 501 (c)(3).



The Seven Bar Foundation works with vetted microfinance institutions to distribute small loans.



With that loan, these fearless women start or grow their own business, breaking the cycle of poverty for their children.


Do it again

When the first loan is paid back, it is then loaned to another woman, creating a multiplier effect. As EBY gets more  subscriptions, we fund more microfinance options.

Where Do EBY Funds Go?

Seven Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose
mandate is to raise awareness and funds for microfinance programs focused on women globally. The Foundation finds, vets, and funds microfinance institutions to empower women out of poverty and into business.