Leaders of the (Panty) Pack

We are women on a mission / In relentless pursuit of empowerment / Our strength is collective / Can you feel it? / We are forces to be reckoned with / Immersed in the heart work / Unafraid of the hard work / We lift each other up / All of us rise or none of us rise / The women we know? / They are warriors / Born fierce / Raised Resilient / We may be all across the globe / But we've all been through it / We won't be stopped / So let's stand united / Seamlessly / To influence and impact / The world and ourselves / Inspiring one another / And our daughters / To be their own leaders / To live each day with purpose / We are women on a journey / Together we are one force / Our power is collective / Can you feel it? / 

It's not a panty / It's a mission / We are Empowered By You

Why We Exist

EBY  /  Empowered By You

It’s in the name. From the women who wear our underwear, to the women who benefit from our mission, EBY is an access to power. We are a membership company because it takes committed women on a mission to have real impact. Our commitment to you: the longer you are with us, the more powerful you become. Through our Access to Power program, when you step into EBY, we give you the tools to step into your own power.

We are born fierce. Raised Resilient. Tenacious, unsinkable women committed to redirecting the power of seduction toward the empowerment of women. 10% of proceeds to go empower women out of poverty and into business through microfinance. 

Let’s turn this little spark into a mighty flame, shall we?

Our People

"I don’t want your money, I want 
you to teach me how to make it"

These words from a mother and tsunami survivor in India changed Renata Black’s life forever

In 2005, Renata studied microfinance under Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. She then launched a loan-providing program for over  800 impoverished women. After experiencing Indian culture for two years, Renata understood the respect that sari-covered women held for their lingerie. Back in the States, she saw the need for a paradigm shift — to reposition lingerie as a tool for empowerment, rather than one of seduction.

For Renata to consistently provide loans to microfinance institutions around the world, she and fellow Co-Founder Sofia Vergara created EBY, a social enterprise that drives profits with purpose. With the understanding that dependence on charity was an unsustainable model, they positioned EBY to provide 10% of proceeds to empower women out of poverty and into business.

Our Product

Our undies work overtime  /  empowering  you to empower each other  /  so together we can run the world.

Your most intimate layer should leave you feeling fiercely confident and effortlessly sexy, so we make perfect-fit undies for every shape, size, and bum circumference. Seamless comfort for all. We’re movers, shakers, and jugglers, here to slay. And to slay, we need undies that  move with us. EBY's unique no-slip technology keeps your panties perfectly in place. No sliding down, no bunching, no riding up.

Your choices have power 

/ Put them on repeat