Leaders of the (Panty) Pack

We are women on a mission / In relentless pursuit of empowerment / Our strength is collective / Can you feel it? / We are forces to be reckoned with / Immersed in the heart work / Unafraid of the hard work / We lift each other up / All of us rise or none of us rise / The women we know? / They are warriors / Born fierce / Raised Resilient / We may be all across the globe / But we've all been through it / We won't be stopped / So let's stand united / Seamlessly / To influence and impact / The world and ourselves / Inspiring one another / And our daughters / To be their own leaders / To live each day with purpose / We are women on a journey / Together we are one force / Our power is collective / Can you feel it? / 

It's not a panty / It's a mission / We are Empowered By You

Why We Exist