For lounge, work, or play

Machine Washable
Easy wash and dry

100% Recycled Materials
Soft luxurious comfort

Washable eco silk is a collection of transitional garments that’ll take you from the couch to the office, out to dinner and drinks, and back in a super-chic look that’s luxuriously comfortable.

Washable Eco Silk

We’ve spent two years inside, and we’ve all finally come back out this summer. But along the way, we became used to being very comfy in our innerwear, which we don’t want to give up. The washable eco silk collection allows you to go from the couch to the office without missing a beat. In this silk line, you’ll look super chic and fab yet feel like you’re in your pj’s.

The best part is this silk is made from recycled plastic bottles! We took all those harmful plastic bottles and turned them into the softest silk you have ever tried. And don't worry about dry cleaning. This silk is machine washable! Looking effortless and seamless is now even more luxurious and comfortable.

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