Our Factory

EBY is an access to power for all — the women making our underwear, the women wearing our underwear, and the women receiving business loans funded by the sales of our underwear.

Our factory upholds all UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and prides itself on a multifaceted Women Go Beyond Program. A Career Advancement Program offers English classes and leadership development training, while the Work Life Balance Program supports women in our factory as they navigate their multiple roles as mothers, wives, and daughters. The initiative also includes maternal health clinics and awareness on the prevention of violence against women.

In addition to maintaining ethical manufacturing requirements, our factory is subject to routine and rigorous on-site quality control. Be assured that all EBY products will endure real-life wear and tear.

We have a personal relationship with our factory. After all, we make intimate apparel.

Renata, our CEO, says that due to different time zones, our team members at the factory are the last people she speaks with at night and the first she speaks with in the morning. She visits at least three times annually to ensure that all values and standards are being honored. Mutual respect and a commitment to collective well-being are sewn into every EBY garment.