7 Reasons Why Women Are Switching To These Seamless Undies, In All Sizes

Underwear is important. We wear it everyday. Keep reading to see why thousands of women are switching to EBY seamless undies.

More Comfort, More EBYs

1. All Sizes, One Price.

Pssst... why should you have to pay more for larger sizes? That ends now. Stop getting ripped off just because you are a certain size. EBYs comes in XS - 4X and are always one price, no matter what size, style, or color you choose.

Specialized Comfort

2. Specially Crafted For Comfort.

EBY undies are pillow-soft and super stretchy. They made their underwear by fitting models of all shapes and sizes to create a seamless fit that shapes to the curves of your body and feels like a second skin, guaranteed.

EBY Flocking Tech

3. They Stay In Place.

EBY’s best panty secret is what they call “flocking technology”. These are velvet-like uber soft strips that outline the inside of EBY panties to keep them in place. Say goodbye to any riding, digging, or bunching. Muffin top, be gone!

Variety in Every Box

4. They Have A Cotton Lining Because Hygiene Matters.

Did you know most women’s underwear doesn’t have a cotton lining? Not cute. EBY undies are crafted with a cotton lining where the ladies need it, because not only #comfort but also #hygiene. And yes it matters… a lot.


5. Delivered To Your Door.

They’re hand picked and delivered to your doorstep in a cute pink box every month or every quarter without you having to do anything. Saving time and energy is hot.

Microfinance Loans Go A Long Way

6. 10% Of Proceeds Empower Women Into Business.

You heard that right - 10% of EBY proceeds empowers women into business through microfinance. Microfinance is small loans given to women to start their own business around the world. Once a loan is paid back, it goes to another woman, and then to another woman. EBY calls these revolving funds, and they have a 98% repayment rate amongst women. Who run the world?

EBY co-founders

7. Power In Numbers.

More EBY members = more microfinance loans = more empowered women. That means more female entrepreneurs breaking the cycle of poverty in their community and among their family. Keyword: Power. There’s a reason Sofia Vergara is obsessed (and our co-founder Renata Black!).

So now you know.
EBYs don't only look good, they feel good and do good too.

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